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I’ve now changed the “About” page to actually have some form of content in it. It was vaguely embarrassing to realise someone had visited it and noticed I hadn’t bothered to fill it in.

I’m posting about this because it touches on the issue of a synopsis. I haven’t written one for the story yet (unwise in any case, given that it isn’t finished, and that plans are still subject to change), and I’m don’t intend to be providing any advice about doing so.

A synopsis (not to be confused with a blurb) is an idiot’s guide to your book, essential if you’re going to be marketing it to publishers or agents. It needs to be all at once deeply evocative and incredibly compressed, factually accurate as well as hinting at intricate complexity. It’s a bonsai version of your novel, and therefore needs meticulous care and manic attention to conservation.

Like the About page of a blog, synopses are necessary evils. Once I’ve completed my first draft (and decided on any major changes to the plot or structure) I’ll revisit this post, and by then I’ll probably have a bit more to say about it.

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