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Help needed: off-page, on-page, half-pregnant?

I have a longer article in gestation (which should be good-ish), but a quick question to my vast readership. I’ve got some plot-critical action happening, and I’m unable (at the present) to think of a good way to plausibly get … Continue reading

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A Rose by any other name would still have an ethnic identity

I can write about the persecution of yellow-skinned people by white-skinned people in a fantasy universe, and while people will associate them with Asians, there will be none of the knee-jerk reactions that I would have if I was writing … Continue reading

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Relatable Worlds and Suspension of Disbelief

Readers are flighty beasts, whose attention wanders at the smallest excuse. You need to lull them into a secure zone of thought before you can tell a story properly and let it unspool in their mind in the way you … Continue reading

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Three Asides and some thinking

Characters are the bedrock upon whom the foundations of a a story is laid. They speak the author’s words, they are his eyes to see with, they are the prism through which a writer can refract the pure white light … Continue reading

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