Apologies… and a promise

Hi all

Sorry for the delay slackness. The holiday season and school holidays have sucked my will to live, let alone write or blog. Getting slowly back to it. Current plan is: 

  • Finish the short(ish) story that will quite possibly define the future course of the novel’s subsequent rewrites
  • Finish a couple of blog posts I’ve been marinating for a few weeks
  • Finish editing the story and post it for comment / condemnation
  • Start in earnest on the second draft, taking into account the very helpful feedback provided by John and Dalibor

So yeah, plan of sorts. 

Until step 1 gets completed, here’s someone else’s hard work, a fascinating list (well, it IS from Buzzfeed) about writing “The Other”. Since my novel is predicated on the idea of the other, it provides some interesting thought-food for me. 

Hopefully post again soon. 

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