A mini-update

Apologies for slackness. 

Still grinding through the 10-odd K novella before I get to second edit of the main work proper. There are reasons for why I’m concentrating on this, which will become apparent in the fullness of time (i.e. I am going to post the damn thing here with commentary).

I’ve also had a few readers of the First Draft who have provided really valuable feedback, which I’ve begin cataloging (a fascinating process in its own right) for future implementation. My reviewers have all been quite good at pointing out ways forward rather than flatly saying “this just doesn’t work for me”, which is incredibly useful (even if their suggestions “don’t work for me”). 

An interesting divide has emerged between those who read the original semi-fanfic version of the novel, and those who are coming to it “cold”. As I think I’ve mentioned previously, this character is actually part of a canon of (generally short) fiction I published on a forum, and the start of this novel (which was also published on that now-defunct forum) is the culmination of a lot of that past lore, character-building and probably a lot of accumulated stylistic quirks. None of this preparatory work is available to new readers, hence I will need to alter the introduction of my character (and alter/explain their later actions) to match that lack of knowledge rather than lurching into an established version of the character. 


Anyway, will be following up with a review/trope-consideration over the next week or so involving David Brin, Vampires, and the role organisations play in “heroic” fiction. 

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