There is no man behind the curtain. No, really!

Just a quick and highly off-topic post. The other day I got myself involved in a Twitter discussion which led into a challenge to identify logcial or argumentation fallacies based on characters from the Wizard of Oz. In my lunchbreak, I came up with a few, and as Greg Laden asked me to put them down somewhere, here they are.

I should state from the outset that I am neither logician nor philosopher, so these are probably as airtight as a Glad-Wrap submarine with holes big enough for an entire convoy of B-doubles to drive through.

Note: I try to keep my own politics out of my Blogging as much as possible. This post breaks that rule rather hard. Apologies in advance. 


Thoughtlessly dropping a house on someone due to your argument spiraling out of control.



Yapping repetitively around the heels, but lacking a diverse or complex enough repertoire to actually make a strong and convincing argument.


The classic Strawman. Often a sign of being in need of brains.

Tin Man

An unassailable and robust argument that has an entirely hollow premise.

Cowardly Lion

An argument that is painfully narrow in its scope, due to the proponent’s often well-hidden terror of the full implications.

Wicked Witch of the West

A scary, authoritative ivory-tower argument that dissolved when someone gives them a good bucketing.

The Wizard

Pretending personal abstraction to an issue to distract from the proponent’s own privilege defended in the argument.

Thus endeth my diversion. Please carry on.

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2 Responses to There is no man behind the curtain. No, really!

  1. Greg Laden says:

    Excellent. Looking forward to the Yellow Brick Road fallacy and the Munchkin Maneuver.

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